Tuesday, March 27, 2012


they said i care about you.
they said nobody love you like i did.
they said nobody care about you like did.
they also said i'm trying too much.
they also said i'm too worried about our relationship.
they also said you'll get bored by this way.
they said y i'm acting like an idiot.
you're here with me,and i'm still trying too much.
to prove you dat i really care.

am i wrong if i keep trying ?
am i wrong because i love you too much ?
are you in the uncomfortable zone like they said ?
are they right ?

hm just so you know.
i did this because i do care.
i did this because i do love you.
this is me.
this is the way i show my love to the one dat i love.
sometimes i think they're right.
but,i dont know..


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